Chris Hensley: 6am to 10am

Chris comes from Asheville, NC where he learned his radio skills from the tutors at the legendary WWNC. He spent several years in the Knoxville Radio market before coming to WJDT. He brings his 25 plus years experience in Country Music to WJDT. Ride to work or school each weekday with Chris...he always has the tickets...that's how he got his nickname "Tickets"! Chris lives in Morristown with his wife Hollie and their four legged "children"!

Kim Stewart WJDT Kim Stewart: 10am-3pm

Kim Stewart has a strong Country background. She most recently worked as the midday jock on KSCS/Dallas. She previously worked at KPLX/The Wolf in Dallas, did PM Drive at KVIL in Dallas and mornings at Majic in Austin. Before all of that, she did mornings nationally at Radio Disney and was also the midday talent for Westwood One’s 24/7 Hot AC format. Kim brings lots of energy to her show and really knows how to connect with listeners.

Jerry Padden, WJDT-FM, afternoons

Jerry Padden, 3-8pm

"I was born and grew up in Olyphant, PA a suburb of Scranton PA, you know... that city made famous by "The Office." I am totally into pro sports. Football is my passion though I'm a pretty big baseball fan too. I love all kinds of music, Pop, Rock and of course Country! I am not married, but if that were to happen, she'd have to be a Sports and Music fan.".

John Barone WJDT

John Barone, 8pm-1am

"I grew up listening to WLS in Chicago and knew from a young age I wanted to be on the radio.  I took a detour when I joined the Army and served in the 1st Infantry Division and after basic training and AIT, I spent my entire tour overseas.  Contrary to what you may hear, I did not drive a tank for the Salvation Army.  I love country music, it has been my life for the past fifteen years.  On my IPAD, I listen to Led Zeppelin, Waylon, Johnny Cash, Elvis, Deep Purple, Donna Summer, The Who, Willie Nelson, Toby Keith, and K C and the Sunshine Band.  Don't hate me because I love Disco music!  Movies I have on my IPAD include Die Hard, Independence Day, Die Harder, The Big Red One (imagine that), Die Hard with a Vengeance, The Avengers, A good Day to Die Hard.... well... you get the idea.".


Buzz Jackson, Nights on WJDT-FM

Buzz Jackson, 1-6am

"I grew up in the shadow of New York City. Being so close to the city gave me an appreciation for all kinds of cultures and music. In the 90s I fell in love with country music - but if you were to search my iPhone you'd find a healthy (or unhealthy, depending on how you look at it) dose of 80's pop music, too. I'm married with a daughter who loves all kinds of music. I love doing things in the community, and donate blood whenever I am eligible (I'm O-negative and that's always in demand!). When I'm not on the radio, I enjoy walking Wrangler The Dog around the neighborhood, riding the bike, catching a movie with my family, or checking out a country music concert.".






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